Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to insert or enable smiley / symbols in Outlook mail?

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Some times we may need to add some emoticons with our emails, a single smiley or emoticon can express happiness or anger, which we may not be able to express though texts. Here are some ways to insert smiley with outlook mail.

I auto correct option is enabled in your Outlook, you can use the below method:

:) (Column and right bracket) It will show a smile emoticon J

:| (Column and vertical line key) It will show a happiness emoticon K

:( (Column and left bracket) It will show a sorrow emoticon L

Here is the way to enable auto correct option in your outlook.

If MS word is installed, open word and go to Tools -> auto correct options -> Just check 'replace text as you type'.

If MS word is not installed this way will not work, so try the below options:

Press the blow key:

ALT+074 – You will get Smile emoticon

ALT+075 – You will get Happiness emoticon

ALT+076 - You will get sorrow emoticon


Initially you will get a letter, select the letter and change its font to wingdings.

Use numeric keypad to type numbers.

Try now! Happy smiley..!!

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