Sunday, April 26, 2009

Event ID :1046 | DHCP Error | DHCP server frequently becomes unauthorized

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In windows server 2003 domain environementm, the DHCP server should be authorized in the domain by Active Directory, then only the DHCP server will be able to lease IP address for the clients in the domain.
But sometimes you may face some troubles with the DHCP authorization. It may get unauthorized frequently in the domain. I have been searching for some troubleshooting for this occurance. and I found some uselfu stuff in Microsoft knowledge base.
This error will log some events in event viewer. It is as follows :
"Event Source: DhcpserverEvent

Category: None

Event ID: 1046

Date: Date

Time: Time

Type: Error

User: Not Applicable

Computer: ComputerName

Description:The DHCP/BINL service on the local machine, belonging to the Windows Administrative domain domain, has determined that it is not authorized to start. It has stopped servicing clients. The following are some possible reasons for this: This machine is part of a directory service enterprise and is not authorized in the same domain. (See help on the DHCP Service Management Tool for additional information).This machine cannot reach its directory service enterprise and it has encountered another DHCP service on the network belonging to a directory service enterprise on which the local machine is not authorized.Some unexpected network error occurred. "
This issue may occur if there is an object conflict inside the Active Directory directory service configuration container.
To troubleshoot this issue you have to install "adsiedit.msc " to any active directory domain controller in the domain, and do the follwoing troubleshooting. You will get adsiedit tool from windows server 2003 support tools.
To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
1. Start the Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Edit MMC snap-in. To do this, follow these steps:
a. Click Start, click Run, type Adsiedit.msc, and then click OK.
b. Click Tools, and then click ADSI Edit.
2. In the console tree, expand the Configuration container, expand CN=Configuration, expand CN=Services, and then expand CN=NetServices.
3. In the details pane, you may find objects that resemble the following:
CNF:,CN=NetServices,CN=Services,CN=Configuration, domain
4. Right-click the objects, and then click Delete.
5. Exit the ADSI Edit MMC snap-in.
Verify that the DHCP server becomes authorized after active directory replication is complete.
Source : Microsoft Help and Support

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