Friday, February 12, 2010

All Gmail Users will be Added to Google Buzz, This is the Way Google Buzz Dominate the Tweeting World | Why Google Buzz has Similar Name as Yahoo Buzz

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I just started playing with Google buzz since today morning. It is an awesome tool;

moreover, it’s introduced by the giant, The Google. So beware Mr. Twitter!

Google has adopted twitter techniques for buzz, and from facebook too. ‘Like’ is from Facebook and ‘Follow’ is from Twitter.

But Google buzz has some awesome features that Twitter doesn’t have. Especially, the ‘comments’ which will appear just below the original message. But in twitter, the reply will be hardly noticed by the owner of original message, this looks sometimes weird. Now, Thanks to Google buzz!

Next, if you want to add a hot new sensation picture with your tweet, you have to always approach some un trusted and ‘ad ready’ third party website, but here with Google buzz, you can just add photos in your message itself, moreover you can integrate with Picasa as well.

It is the only question, how long it will take, but there is no doubt that Google buzz will beat Twitter in the race soon, because it is highly integrated with world’s most powerful Email tool, The Gmail.

The 140 letter limit in twitter is sometimes making you angry, because you can’t just express what you want to tell, you might used some ugly English such as ‘bcos’ and ‘gr8’. But, as far as I know, it seems Google buzz doesn’t have such limit.

But it is very interesting to see that google buzz still respect Twitter (because it had adapted the ‘tweeting’ formula from them) by Integrating Twitter to your google buzz. In this way, you can still tweet using your twitter; those tweets will appear in google buzz as well. What an idea. This is the way google ‘promotes’ tweeting. No matter from wherever you tweet, eventually it should appear in all your social networking sites.

Google also provide the facility to integrate your Google Buzz with Gtalk, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter, Blogger etc.

Does anybody remember Google Wave? It was a great launch, but eventually it seems it was a big flop. But the fate of Google Buzz will be different, it will smash, just like what Gmail and Gtalk had done in the past.

But I still wonder, why Google selected the name ‘Buzz’, which is exactly resembles Yahoo!’d Buzz It up tool, which they started in 2008? That is why yahoo tweeted like this:

"Two years after #Yahoo! launched #Buzz, Google follows suit. Check out the original:".

And, another rival, Microsoft has a difference view point about the launch of Google Buzz:

"Busy people don't want another social network, what they want is the convenience of aggregation," Microsoft said in a statement. "We've done that. Hotmail customers have benefited from Microsoft working with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and 75 other partners since 2008."

Do you really feel you have messed up with so many social networking sites? Let us start thinking about another open platform, just like defunct OpenSocial?

But as of now, ‘Google Buzz Rocks!!’

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