Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Easy Way to Add Additional Pages in Your Blogger Blog

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There is an easy way to create additional pages in your blogger blog. You might be thinking how to add About me or Contact pages in blogger. But don’t know whether this option only available when we install customized template. But hopefully it will work on default blogger templates as well.

Login to your blogger Dashbord, and select your blog for which you wish to create additional page. And navigate to posting à Create New Page or Edit Pages, as you see in this picture, there you will see a tab called ‘New Page’. Select that option and start creating new page.

In the edit window, add the title and contents of your new page. Then click on publish page. You will get the below option.

Here, select the option as per your preference. if you want to appear new page links in the side bar, select ‘Blogger Side Bar’; or if you want to the new page to appear on the top as menus, select ‘Blog Tabs’, or you can select No Gadget’ if you wish to manually add links, but it is recommended for advanced bloggers.

Hope this description helped you. If so, please join my blog, and also, put your valuable comments:

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