Sunday, February 14, 2010

Moving Blogger Blog from one Account to Another | Blogger Account Moving | Switching Blog to New Account

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How can I move my blogger blog to my another email account..? This question may be asked by many bloggers. It usually happens when someone starts blogging using their personal ID and later the blog is becoming more popular and sometimes he or she may be unable to keep his blog under personal title.
At this point, they may want to move the blog another e-mail ID created for the so called blog itself.
Here is a very simple explanation to how to move a blogger blog from one E-mail account to another. Hope this will be helpful for me.
Assuming that you have logged into the blog with your current email ID, for example, and your destination ID is, and you are view the ‘Dashbard Page’ of the blogger.
1. Select Settings > Permissions > Add Authors
2. Add new authors email address as example, and click on Invite.
3. Now Login to the e-mail account as example and you click on the invitation link that you have received.
4. You will get the window. Type username as in example xyz and password the click on accept invitation.
5. In the next screen create a display name (which will be the name of the author below all your posts, as in example xyz), then click on accept Terms of Service, then click continue.

6. Now you got your new Dashboard, but only with limited permissions.
7. Sign off the account and login to blogger with your account.
8. Go to Settings à Permissions; here you will get two authors. and
9. Now you have to give Administrator privilege to Mr. XYZ. Follow the below steps. Click on grand admin privileges right to xyz and confirm the action in the next pop up window Grand admin permission, Now you will get a pop up message to confirm, confirm your action
10. Now log off and login to blogger using your account.
11. Go to Settings > Permissions and here, since you have Administrator access, you can remove’s blog account. Do it as follows: Right to Admin (or your username) click on remove the user, and confirm your action. Now XZY alone has full permission on the blog and ABC has been removed.
12. Now, enjoy blogging with new title!

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