Friday, February 19, 2010

WS_Ping ProPack; A tool to trigger Network Issues.

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Here is a fantastic utility tool, I usually use to trigger the network and OS related issues.
WS_Ping ProPack is the ultimate network information tool, Provides Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup, Finger, Whois, LDAP, SNMP, and SCAN IP. This is exactly what you need to help you track down network problems and to find out information about users, hosts and networks on the Internet (or in an Intranet).
WS_Ping ProPack implements a 32 bit graphical PING client for Windows Operating Systems. Additional functionality of this program is the inclusion of Traceroute, Domain Name Service (DNS) lookup, Finger, Whois, LDAP, SNMP and SCAN IP.
The below mentioned are the main functionalities of this tool:
            Verify connectivity to a particular device on your network
·         Quantitatively test data connections between your computer and a remote system
·         Trace the path to a network host or device
·         Obtain information on host names and IP addresses
·         Scan your network and list devices and network services
·         View summary information about a network host or device including the official hostname, IP address, and contact information (from the Whois database)
·         View Simple Network Management Protocol values as well as Windows network domains, hosts, and workstations
·         Search information (such as user’s full names and e-mail addresses) available through LDAP

Download and try the tool from the below link:

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