Friday, March 5, 2010

Easy Way to Identify Installed Hot Fixes in Windows Server and Windows Client Operatings Systems.

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Identifying  installed patches or hot fixes in Windows server is an important aspect while troubleshooting certain issues. We would need to check out how many patches are already installed or how many are missing; especially in some circumstances such as if some hot fixes are causing application conflict.
Here are two easy ways to view list of installed hot fixes.
Open ‘RUN’ and type ‘appwiz.cpl’, and in the add remove programs window, select ‘show updates’ check box. You can view installed updates there as you see in the below picture.

It is possible to view installed updates in command line using ‘srvinfo’ command. But Microsoft resource kit must be installed prior to this.
Download Microsoft resource kit from below link: (Microsoft resource kit contains a hand full of tools which will help better administer Windows Server plant)
After completing rktools.exe installation, go to command prompt and run ‘srvinfo’. Among a number of other results, installed hot fixes can also be viewed, as you see in below screenshot.

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