Friday, March 19, 2010

Good news for Facebook lovers; Now it is most visited webiste in US beating

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Facebook crosses another milestone! Now it is the most visited website in the US, beating the long time number one,! The social networking giant overtook Google's search engine page this week to become the most visited website in the U.S.

 According to research from web statistics firm Hitwise, Facebook edged google out by .4 percent, after almost tripling in unique visitors from the past year. Even though this is a very small margin, it is a great achievement for facebook, as it is rapidly grasping popularity in other countries.

By comparison, visits to search engine home increased only nine per cent in the same time - although the tracker does not include Google property sites such as the popular Gmail email service, YouTube and Google Maps.

Taken together, and amounted to 14 per cent of the entire US internet visits last week, Dougherty said.

Google has been positioning challenges in recent months to Facebook and the micro-blogging site Twitter by adding the social-networking feature Buzz to its Gmail service.

Facebook boasts some 400 million users while Gmail had 176 million unique visitors in December, according to tracking firm comScore.

Facebook, which first launched to the public in 2004, has become the de facto standard for social networking and has added music and games and enhanced content features. Google is also running social networking services similar to Facebook called ‘Orkut’, but it could not get much popularity except countries like Brazil and India.

Recently, Google has taken steps to counter Facebook by offering a social networking feature for their Gmail service called Buzz that lets users share media such as videos and photos. Google has indicated that they are considering making the Buzz feature a stand-alone service.

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