Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Version Released, featuring HTML5, CSS3 and new JavaScript Engine.

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Microsoft has released the beta for the newest version 9.0 of their most popular Internet Explorer browser. The beta has bunches of new features, however does not have the updated version 9 UI.
Version 9 has some important new things about it. For starters, there is support for HTML 5 and CSS 3, and a new JavaScript engine. IE9 also has an "Acid Test" feature that will let you test the compatibility and compliance of a website with IE9.

Additionally, this new browser is programmed to use your GPU much better: IE9 uses your computer's GPU to enhance hardware scalable vector graphics (SVG), JavaScript performance, and HTML5 performance.
Microsoft’s new JavaScript will also better take advantage of multiple CPU cores. With a dual core CPU, IE9 will be able to dedicate the second core to translating JavaScript to native machine code to help speed up the browser.
Microsoft pointed out that IE9 will not run on Windows XP at all, and even in Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 must be installed to load IE9.
This is just the first of many IE9 preview builds that will precede the first beta release. Microsoft not yet announced the date of final release, but we can guess that it will be release during late 2011.

Dowload Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview Here

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