Friday, April 16, 2010

Facebook: How to see old wall posts quickly, rather than pressing ‘Older Posts’ several times?

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Update: Facebook Timeline is here! You can scroll down through the timeline and find out your posts and photos that you have added months and years back. Click here to learn how to enable timeline. 
Are you a regular updater of Facebook Wall? And are you so old in Facebook joined at its earlier years? Then, It could be always interesting to see the old posts that you have put in your facebook wall, I just made an attempt to fetch those posts, but clicking the ‘older posts’ arrow in the bottom of your wall will be of course a hectic task. It is really painful to do that, see a comment from a Facebook user:
“But to go that far, you'll have to keep pressing. I know that's such a pain. I wish they could fix it, but you'll have to keep doing that again and again.” 

So is there any short cut to see my older posts? Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't provide any official tools to find out the older posts, and there is no any better shortcut to see your older posts very quickly. I googled it many times, but didn’t get a proper solution.  

But Facebook is keep on changing every day, and hopefully they will soon add a feature for the quick view of the old posts, just like searching the posts by date. 

Try the below tip other than pressing ‘Older Posts’, which may help you eliminate scrolling though some unwanted contents. 

Click on your profile and open up your wall (as if your friends see your wall), click on ‘Options’ on top right. Now you will get an option that looks like as in the blow picture.
Select only your name, now paste the below Java script on the address bar and hit enter, this script will press the 'Older Posts' button every four seconds, so keep the browser window free. Scroll down and check after few minutes, you can see all the older posts displayed. 


javascript:function clrt(){alert('Stopped Post Load');if(f_sM){clearTimeout(f_sM);}};function showMore(){ProfileStream.getInstance().showMore();f_sM = setTimeout(showMore, 4000); xsm=document.getElementById('profile_pager_container');xsm.addEventListener('click',clrt,false)}; showMore(); 

If you see your old post which you are looking for is already visible, just press on the blue area of 'Older Posts' tab, so you can stop the script. 

 Hope this helped you. But if you know any better idea to fetch out older posts so quickly, please posts it below in the comments.

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