Thursday, April 29, 2010

Opera 10.52 released for Mac platform.

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One of the most popular web browsers, Opera, released its new stable version for Mac OS. Market leaders such as Firefox and Internet Explorer will be facing real competition from Opera now. But Apple’s own product, Safari, is the most used browser on Mac platform.
The new Opera 10.52 is claimed to be 10 times faster than the Opera 10.10 version. So Firefox and Chrome for Mac already have a tough competition in terms of speed. Opera 10.52 features native Cocoa integration, multi-touch trackpad gestures support, and Growl notification support.
Opera has built the new 10.52 web browser on native Cocoa framework and hence it appears to be more responsive. New 10.52 version brings along HTML5 Video and SVG support. Also the new Carakan JavaScript engine and new Vega graphic library play a major role in boosting the speed of this browser.

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The design of Opera for Mac has been overhauled and the browser also supports multi-touch gestures on the glass trackpad of MacBook Pros. Opera has also added Growl notification support and so you'll get certain notifications if your download is complete or pop-up is blocked, etc. Opera also brings Turbo compression technology in this browser which allows surfing even in slower or congested networks.
You can download new Opera version for Mac from below link:

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