Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to login to multiple google / gmail account in firefox?

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Can I login to multiple gmail / google account in the same web browser? This is the question many of us would have in mind, because most of us use multiple google account for different purpose.
Now google is giving you opportunity to use your multiple google account in same browser, thanks google, now firefox lovers need not to go back to internet explorer to login to your secondary email!
Open your google account management page from this link:
as you see in the below picture, you will get one option to switch the multiple login option on or off. If it is in off mode, please turn it on.

Click on the change link there:

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There will be a message telling you that this is an advanced feature that works for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Reader, Google Voice, App Engine and Google Code.

A new drop-down will appear next to your email address in Gmail, and other relevant Google products. This drop-down allows you to click on it, and sign into any new Google account from the drop-down menu without having to close out of your currently open Google account.
 If you check the URL for each account, you will see that Google now numbers each one differently to identify them distinctly.
Note that your default account becomes the first account that you sign in to. This means that when you sign into non-Google products unable to support Multiple Accounts, that your sign-in will be done via your default account.
You will need to check all these terms and then click Save changes button at the bottom left corner of the page as shown in the image below. Once you have enabled this you can sign in to your another secondary google account using this feature in the same browser and switch between them using the drop down at top right corner as shown in the image below.

After completing this process, you will see your secondary account in a drop down box, as seen in the picture below.
Remember, If you don’t see this feature in your google account settings, just wait for some days as it will be rolled out soon across all the google account then you will see and use it.

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