Friday, May 27, 2011

Group Policy for beginners; Microsoft white paper on Windows Server 2008 GPMC basics

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Microsoft recently released a 26 page white paper about basic concepts of Group Policy based on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. This PDF document is basically a beginners guide on Group Policy Management Console.

The document contains overview of GPMC and essential Group Policy concepts, basic group policy tasks such as creating and editing GPOs.

If you are an IT professional who has never used Group Policy to control computer configurations, this white paper is for you. Group Policy is the essential way that most organizations enforce settings on their computers. It is flexible enough for even the most complex scenarios; however, the essential features are easy to use in simple scenarios, which are more common.

This white paper is an introduction to Group Policy. It first provides an overview of what you can do with Group Policy, and then it describes essential concepts that you must know. For example, what is a Group Policy object (GPO)? What does inheritance mean? this white paper provides step-by-step instructions, with lot of screenshots, for the most common administration tasks on Windows Server environment.

I have made a PDF copy of this whitepaper and it can be downloaded from below link:

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