Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to update changes in Group Policy settings using commands line in Windows Server 2003 / 2008?

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Changes made on Group Policy settings will take sometime to get into effect in the client computers of Active Directory Domain. Usually it take effect after a reboot of the machine, or once the user re-log in to his or her account. 

Below command line utilities will help to forcefully refresh or update the changes in Group Policy. Run these commands on the target computer.

Open Command Prompt with elevated account mode. Run the below commands as per the preference:

gpupdate           :  This command will refresh the Group policy settings and update the changes.

gpupdate /force : This command will forcefully update all the policy settings, not just the once which you  have  updated recently.

gpupdate /target:user : This command will update only user policy settings.

gpupdate /target:computer: This command will update only computer policy settings

Below screen shots displays the output of the various commands that we have discussed.

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