Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to take backup of Windows Registry settings (regedit) before editing?

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Editing Registry settings of Windows Server computers is an important task for sysadmins. But this task must be carried out with utmost care because some of the changes could bring vital impact on the behavior of the Operating System.

Backing up the registry settings is always highly recommended before editing Windows Registry. Below instructions will help you to perform backup and restore of the registry.

Backing up Registry:

Go to Run and type 'regedit'
Now you will get the Registry Editing Window.
Go to File -> Export.

Give the file name and save the registry backup in a folder.
This backup can be used while restoring the Registry.

Restoring Registry: 
Go to Registry Editor.
Go to File and click on Import
Now select the Registry backup file that you have already saved.
You will get the below dialogue box.

Now click OK and it will complete the Registry restoration process.

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