Monday, October 10, 2011

How to find out FSMO handling Domain Controllers using NETDOM command?

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This post explains how to find out Domain Controllers handling FSMO roles using command line tool NETDOM. In Active Directory domain environment, particular Domain Controllers will be handling FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) or Operations Master roles. As I have explained in my earlier post, there are 5 FSMO roles handled by specific Domain Controllers in the forest.  

The five FSMO roles are: 
  • Schema master – One per forest 
  • Domain naming master – One per forest 
  • RID master – One for each domain
  • PDC - One for each domain
  • Infrastructure master - One for each domain
You can read more about 5 FSMO categories here.

To start with NETDOM tools you have to install Microsoft Support Tools on your Windows Server 2003 Operating System. But NETDOM will be installed by default on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Read more details about installing Support Tools here.

Open command prompt and type below command:

netdom query /domain:YourDomain FSMO

Where, replace ‘YourDomain’ with your domain name. See an example below:

C:\>netdom query /domain:test FSMO
Schema owner      

Domain role owner 

PDC role          

RID pool manager  

Infrastructure owner

The command completed successfully.

In this example, my domain name is ‘TEST’, and I have only one Domain Controller 'srv1' in the forest, therefore all the 5 FSMO roles are handled by a single Domain Controller.

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