Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Map Network Drive Using Commandline?

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This post explains how to map a network drive to your local computer using DOS command prompt. This command will be useful in case you have to map several network drives as a batch job. We can use 'NET USE' command for this purpose.

Go to run and type CMD
Now type below command:

net use z: \\server4\docs

Here Z: will be the drive letter being added to your computer. If you Z: drive is already there in your computer, just replace this with some other letter.
SERVER4 is the network computer name or filer name.
DOCS is the shared folder name that will be available under Z: drive.

If you want the network drive to be disconnected during the next reboot of the server, you can use  PERSISTENT (P)  switch. See below example:

net use z: \\server4\docs /P:NO

NET USE command can also be used for disconnecting a network drive. Below is an example:

net use Z: /DELETE
Replace Z: with your drive letter of the mapped drive that you wish to remove.

Note: I will  be back with more posts related to Windows Server and  tips and tricks. Until then, happy holidays and new year!

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