Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Add a Computer to Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain?

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This post is for newbies, for the people who are learning Windows Server and Active Directory administration. Follow below steps for adding a computer or a member server to Windows Server 2008 Active Directory based domain.

1. Go to Run and type 'NCPA.CPL' and launch Network settings.

2. Configure IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP (if any) and DNS IP address.

3. Ensure connectivity by pining to DNS server / Domain Controller.

4. Right click on 'Computer' and click on properties. Click on 'Change Settings'.

5. Click on 'Change' button at System Properties.

6. Select 'Domain' and provide domain name. In this example its 'training'.

7. Click OK and provide user name and password of Domain Admin  or any other authorized user name.

8. Reboot the computer to enable the changes.

I have made a demo video of this using the above steps. Watch the video and follow the steps to add computer to a domain.

If your are getting any errors while adding the computer to domain, there seems to be connection issues with Domain Controller. Go to the AD server and check if it is functioning properly. Also check the DNS IP configuration at the client computer. It should be pointing to the correct AD / DNS server.

If any error while adding computer to domain, please let me know through the below comment column, I will try to answer.

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