Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Recover if I Forgot Windows Server 2008 Administrator Password?

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You might have forgot your Winodows Server 2008 Administrator password. When you lost the  password, and still you will be able to log into the system if you have some other user accounts with Administrators privilege. But when you have only one account and you lost its password, its difficult.

But you can try the below method to recreate Administrator password of Windows Server 2008. But remember, no guarantee. But just try, if it works let me know through the comment.

Follow the steps below:
  1. Insert Windows Server 2008 CD or load the image.
  2. Boot to a Windows installation disk
  3. Press enter to install windows now
  4. Accept license
  5. Start a repair
  6. When you see the Installing Devices bar in the bottom left, press SHIFT + F10 to get a CMD prompt
  7. At the CMD prompt type: "control userpasswords2" and in the password window set to no password required
  8. Finish the repair
  9. Then login as administrator with blank password.

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