Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Fix VMware Workstation 8 Installation Problem; Error 2732 Directory Manager not Initialized.

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Hello Everyone, Here is one more post related to VMware. You might have faced 'Error 2732' error while trying to install new VMware version, VMware Workstation 8.

I have downloaded VMware Workstation 8 trial version from VMware website and trying to install on Windows 7 desktop.

Uninstalled old version of VMware Workstation.

Cleared TEMP folder.


Error: 2732, Directory manager not initialized.

Screenshot below:


Make sure you are installing VMware Workstation 8 on 64 bit hardware and Windows 7 OS.

Try to install VMware as Administrator. You can right click on the set up file and select 'Run as Administrator'.

If that doesn't fix the problem, try this:

Change 'Environmental Variables' on Windows 7 before installation starts.

Open control panel -> system -> advanced system settings

On the advanced tab - > select environmental variables

Copy what is listed for "TEMP" and "TMP" to notepad for changing back after installation

Change the entries for "TEMP" and "TMP" to "C:\Temp"

Install VMware using Elevated Access (Run as Administrator)

Now, change the Environment Variables to normal mode.

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