Saturday, April 7, 2012

What are the Differences Between Router and Layer 3 Switch?

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Its a long time since I posted something specifically on networking. And here is now a post with a basic CISCO networking knowledge. Routers and Layer 3 switches are doing almost same functions, but why do we use both the devises? If we analyze it, we can find lot many differences between a router and an L3 switch. 

  1. Router uses routing table. 
  2.  Router  do encapsulation.
  3. Router reads network portion of the IP address when it forwards. 
  4. Routers can do Policy Based Routing.
  5. Routers perform tasks in software.
  6. Routers are mainly used for  linking WANs
Layer 3 Switch
  1.  Switch uses MAC table.
  2. Switch can be used for VLAN  creation.
  3. Switch Reads the Host portion of an IP Address when it forwards.
  4. Switches perform tasks through hardware using ASIC.
  5. Switches are mainly used for creating network segments within a LAN. 

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