Monday, February 13, 2012

An Easy Method to Speedup Windows 7 Login.

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Windows 7 Operating System loading time depends on the number of applications installed on the OS. Initially, the OS loads very fast, but as you install more software, OS will become sluggish. Many applications are designed to automatically start when your OS is loading. You can manage application start up behavior using 'System Configuration' utility. 

1. Go to Run and type 'msconfig' and hit enter

2. System Configuration will be loaded now. Select 'Startup' tab and analyze the application processes which are set to start automatically. See the picture below:

3.Uncheck unwanted applications so that it wont run at the system start up. It wont harm your system if you uncheck all the applications. Now click 'Apply' and then 'OK'.

4. A Window will appear asking you to restart the system. See the picture below:

5. Restart the system and observe the loading time of the OS. The Windows 7 will load pretty much faster now!

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