Monday, March 24, 2014

Troubleshooting Active Directory - Command Line Tools

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Here are the collection of some very useful command line tools to troubleshoot Active Directory related problems.

Troubleshooting Tasks:

DC not advertising, AD object update, Bind value, KCC detecting problem with DP, trust issue, Replication, time sync, PDC latency.

Replication Health and Status:

repadmin /replsummary

repadmin /showrepl DCNAME

NLTEST Commands:

Some uses of NLTEST commands,
  • Get a list of domain controllers

  • Force a remote shutdown

  • Query the status of trust

  • Test trust relationships and the state of domain controller replication in a Windows domain

  • Force a user-account database to synchronize on Windows NT version 4.0 or earlier domain controller

nltest /sc_query:<DomainName>

nltest /dclist:<DomainName>

nltest /sc_verify:<DomainName>

Monitor the Time Sync:

w32tm /monitor /computers:%computername%

List the Tasks:


Name Sync issue: 

DCdiag [dcdiag /s:nameOfDC /test:NCSecDesc]

Latency with PDC issue: 

dsquery server -hasfsmo pdc

Infrastructure master latency issue:

DCDIAG /s:nameOfDC /TEST:FsmoCheck

Connection issue with GC: 

dsquery * -gc -limit 50

Advertising, timesync issue:

sc \\nameOfDC query netlogon, sc \\nameOfDC query w32time

DC not responding:

DCDIAG /s:nameOfDC /TEST:Connectivity

KCC detecting problem with DP issue:

DCDIAG /s:nameOfDC /Test:KCCEvent

Hope this post helped you. If you have any questions, please post in below comment column.

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